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The LIF-10 is no longer available.  This material is for reference only.

The LIF-10 Interferometer antenna, used with the LH Series Little L-Per portable DF, gives high-precision ground DF bearing determination in the presence of substantial reflections from nearby objects. Two people are required for operation of this antenna system. Interferometer DF is usually used in the initial stages of a search to accurately deploy search teams and in stand-off situations where location by triangulation must be used because of the difficulty of travel for homing. This technique is not suitable for DF from moving vehicles or aircraft.

The system consists of the LH Series DF with standard mast and a compass, plus the LIF Interferometer system of antenna crossbar, long mast without cable, and a precision 5.5 wavelength coax cable with connectors. The system works by one operator holding the LIF antenna while the second operator with the Little L-PerRegister.jpg (2200 bytes)  "walks" the signal phase front away from the first antenna for about 25 feet. A compass bearing is taken from the first to second antenna. A complete and detailed instruction manual is supplied with the interferometer antenna. Interferometers for other frequency ranges are available.   The interferometer instruction manual is available for download (PDF, 5mb)



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