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Publications and Manuals

LOM-1 LH Series Portable DF Operating & Maintenance Manual includes schematics for the Little L-PerRegister.jpg (2200 bytes)  Portable DF. A copy is provided with all new units.  Printed copy.  

LOM-2 LA Series Aircraft DF Operating & Maintenance Manual includes schematics for all versions of the unit. A copy is provided with all new units.   Printed copy. 

LOM-3 LL Series Portable DF Operating Manual contains complete operating instructions for the LL-16 DF receiver.   Download l PDF   (400kb)

LHTM-1 "Air and Ground Direction Finding" is a 12-page paper that explores the subject and includes advanced theories and DF techniques.                 Printed copy         Download PDF  (5mb)

LHTM-2 "Locating Non-distress ELTs and EPIRBs" is a 7-page paper that features the special techniques required for close-in DF work, including inside buildings and marinas.  Printed copy.    Download PDF  (5 mb)

LHTM-3 "Basic ELT Location Course" is a 230-page, fully illustrated five-volume training manual. It is both a self-study guide and a classroom presentation outline. Each volume has a reproducible student workbook section, 10-question test, and certificate of completion. Four volumes describe field exercises that can be used to reinforce the lesson plan. Vol. 1 covers the development and operation of ELTs and EPIRBs and the satellite-aided tracking system. Vol. 2 is a text on the assembly and mechanics of operating the LH Series Little L-PerRegister.jpg (2200 bytes)  Portable DF. Vol. 3 goes into details of ELT/EPIRB signal propagation, especially reflections and how to recognize and resolve them. Vol. 4 describes the features of the LA Series Aircraft DF and how the antennas operate, how to resolve ambiguity, and how to determine bearing reliability. Vol. 5 emphasizes how radio signal propagation affects aerial ELT/EPIRB location and explains the most efficient methods of aerial DFing. The techniques described are redily adaptable for the new LL series DF receivers.

LHTM-5 "ELTs Save Lives!" This four-page full-color flyer tells the story of an actual ELT find and helicopter rescue in seven photographs. It also explains the ELT response system. This flyer is useful to educate pilots on the value of the ELT and importance of monitoring 121.5 to decrease false alarms and increase the probability of rapid distress signal acquisition. This is a great handout for open house activities, public relations displays, or pilots’ lounges. Includes a space to stamp your unit’s name.

LHRL-1 "We Save Yours." This 5" circular four color vinyl self-adhesive decal, reproduced on the home page, Is perfect for vehicle bumpers, notebook covers, etc.

LHRP-1 "We Save Yours" 3" embroidered patch of the logo. Great to sew on baseball caps, shirts, etc.

LHDF-3 contains 4 LHDF-1 notebooks and an 8-1/2 x 11" base record form book.


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LHTM-3 ELT Location Course "We Save Yours decals and patches
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