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LWA Series




The LWA Series are mast-mounted weatherproof directional antennas. When used with a rotator on a tower, they can give accurate DF at ranges considerably greater than obtainable from the ground.  They may be used with either the LL or LH Series Portable Direction Finders.

The exposed parts are either PVC plastic or stainless steel. The antenna mounts on either a 1 inch plastic pipe or inch or inch threaded pipe with adapters supplied. The 5 foot coax feed cable is terminated in a BNC jack and is routed inside the support pipe (not supplied). A longer feed line or different connector can be supplied on request.

This antenna is also ideal for a convenient and permanent marine installation when mounted on a vessel with either the LL or LH Series DF receivers below deck. The antenna is not designed to be hand-held. The built in antennas on the new LL Series Portable DFs are specifically designed to be used in the wind and spray conditions found at sea.

The LWA antennas can be made to cover 2 frequency ranges between 108 and 270 MHz.   They are useful from -5% to +12% of their design center frequencie(s).  They are rated for 100 mph wind survival with half- inch radial ice. The LWA-16 Dual Band (121.5/243 MHz) antenna is shown. Single Band models will not have the center element. Assembly and installation notes can be found in the Antenna Installation section.


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